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Western Arms SCW3 SVI 6.0 Gold Edition

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"Strayer Voigt Inc (also known as SV) is manufacturer of M1911 modular style. Hybrid (HW) is their famous series of Infinity pistol.
WESTERN ARMS is always the name for Quality & Performance Airsoft Pistol. Reproducing INFINITY version with excellent performance & solid blow back job. SCW System from WA is a new design that specially deal with cold weather combat condition. It add extra blow back kick to the pistol. It makes a great side arm on your next skirmish / wargame"

New Gold Edition 6inch Slide - adopted by fine gold powder

WA SHIBUYA CUSTOM WORKS - Hi-Spec Ver.3 (Fixed HopUp)
Western Arms "MAGNA" Blow Back System
Gas Blow Back Pistol with Semi-Automatic Classic Scott Type Pistol Grip with "SV" Emblem Tag
Heavy Weighted Slide
FULL METAL Outer Barrel come right out the box
Extreme smooth slide cycling with clicks & clacks metal-like sound
Equipped with 20mm under rail able to take various choices of accessory in market
33 Rounds Loading Capacity R-TYPE Magazine
Come with Tightbore 6.03mm Barrel for precision shooting
Employed by Most IPSC Competition Game
Adjustable Bo-Mar Type Rear Sight
Optic Fiber Front Sight (Red)
Magazine Well (Magwell) Lip add super cool look to the pistol

Authentic Western Arms Product & MADE IN JAPAN

NOTES: Recommend to use HFC134A Gas (or lower pressure gas) to operate the pistol, Top Gas might harm the gun slide due to heavy recoil.
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Western Arms
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