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VFC VR635 DX GBBR - Black

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The VFC VR635 DX is an AR / M4 based GBBR platform with an overall length of 650mm when the stock is fully closed. Aluminium reliever and RAS with black smooth coat finish, it has 7 inches of rail along the top as well as 6 inches on the bottom and each side. The weapon comes bundled with flip up rail attach rear and front iron sights as well as a rail attach hand-stop. It also comes with a 3 piece rail cover to protect your hands from getting cut with aggressive handling.

The handling and layout is just like an AR only optimized for CQB use. The pistol grip is similar the PDW type variants with its smaller, shorter form. The bolt release is functional and ambidextrous, as is the magazine release and fire selector.

Its able to fit all 14mm CCW Flash Hider and Silencer attachments for those who like to make their AR stand out a bit more. With QD anchor slots for sling swivel attachment (not included) on the rear on both sides, that just about wraps up this ergonomically ultra modern AR. For those who are left handed fear not as this features ambidextrous fire selector which is easily accessible from both sides. With VFC, the quality is top notch and the performance is both reliable and consistent.

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  • 1x VFC VR635 DX GBBR - Black

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