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T-N.T. Studio APS-X Hop Up System Hop Up Chamber Kit for WELL AWP / AW.338 / TYPE 96

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This new amazing HOP-UP Retrofit Kit was especially developed to replace and upgrade the entire AWP/TYPE96 bolt action HOP-UP structure. With the ongoing demand for quality upgrade parts for AWP/TYPE96, T-N.T. STUDIO has developed this Retrofit Kit which includes all necessary parts inclunding a HOP-UP bucking and HOP-UP chamber.

  • HOP-UP Chamber : formed integrally aluminum CNC , strong & durable.
  • HOP-UP bucking : development for AWP/TYPE96 series exclusive Located Directional Rubber
  • The gap between the chamber and the out barrel is smaller - no longer cause the inner tube to bend due to the locking chamber.
  • Wheel adjustment HOP-UP - easy to adjust, and more larger range of adjustment - can correspond to more types of BB.
  • BB loaded position more accurate, effective performance improvements

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