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Socom Gear x Gemtech Oasis

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The real steel .22LR MK II is a modern classic used all over the world, the suppressed variant used by special forces and pest control alike for its ease of handling, high accuracy at short range, low noise report and common cheap ammunition.

This replica by Socom Gear offers a recreation of this design and adds a fully licensed Gemtech suppressor to round out that assassin look. Opting for a fixed slide design does mean no blowback but it serves the dual purpose of maintain higher power and lower cost. The fixed slide means the trigger is double action, the draw through the valve knocker makes it quite heavy but with practice thats fine. It has a manual safety but with such a heavy trigger pull with double action only means accidental discharge is pretty unlikely anyway.

At this price range, its one of the cheapest quality weapons in Airsoft yet the very same feature that keeps the price down lets this pistol take Top / Green / Propane gas in its 16 round magazine and knock out shots in the 400-430 FPS range (1.5 to 1.7 joules) averaging around 420. That power comes out with great accuracy too; with no slide blowback to bleed away power, all the pressure has no wear to go or anything else to do but launch your BBs.

Compact size and light weight make it easy to transport and carry, a nice choice for an emergency back-up gun or just a second pistol for those longer range shots. That said, it has good heft in hand. Do be aware that this steep power can make it unsuitable for use at short range and in any situation of use be sure that proper protection is worn as the cheap stuff will simply not hold up to this kind of energy.

NOTE: This pistol is compatible with KJ MK1 magazines (and the KJ Mk1 can take Oasis mags).
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