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Marushin X Cartridge Super Blackhawk 10.5 Inch HW (Silver) 8mm

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In the early 1950s, western genre movies where popular in the united states but with the demise of the Colt Single Action Army production prior to WWII so to meet market demand Ruger designed a similar form revolver. The resulting Ruger Blackhawk proved very popular with its cowboy wild west styling yet more modern materials and parts and available in a variety of more modern rounds including the new .44 magnum. The Super Blackhawk was a variant which included design alterations like the larger grip, longer barrel with no fluting and using steel instead of aluminium all in efforts to specifically better handle the .44 magnum round.

The Marushin X Cartridge system makes use of a gas reservoir in the pistol grip charged through the valve port on the bottom but stores BBs individually in independent shells which are manually loaded into the chambers. Storing 6 shells just like the real thing, this enormous revolver cranks out 8mm BBs at around 300fps which is incredibly powerful for an 8mm weapon. Baring in mind that 8mm pellets are around 0.4 grams, that puts this revolver in the 1.8 joule area; the same amount of power in a 0.2 gram pellet doing about 440 fps.

In terms of an 8mm 300 fps vs a 6mm 440 fps, this 8mm weapon will have a more ballistic arc then the flatter 6mm but the hop-up helps remove most of that at short range. At 300 fps the pellet moves distinctly faster then most 8mm weapons and at short range strikes are significantly more felt then the smaller, lighter 0.2g BB mainstream alternative.

Large, imposing and powerful with actual shells cranking out 8mm BBs; if you ever wanted to add that obligatory big scary revolver to your collection then your best bet is a Marushin X Cartridge 8mm and the Super Blackhawk is a forefront contender for big and beastly.

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