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KTW Spencer Carbine (Spring Action)

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The Spencer Carbine was the Union's best friend in the days of the American Civil War. This lever-action repeater was a formidable opponent against the slow firing muzzle loaders of the Confederacy. Even when the Confederate army captured Spencer carbines, they were useless because they required rimfire cartridges not made in the South. It proved to be more efficient and deadly accurate on the field.

K.T.W. seem to love replicating classic rifles and this is the one of the furthest back they've ever gone. The Spencer Carbine was a thing of the 1860s during the American Civil War and was approved by President Lincoln who then made sure every Union soldier had one. It was incredibly accurate, and K.T.W. made sure this was as well. It's a spring lever action carbine capable of hitting targets over 30 meters away with ease.

The Hop up can be tuned by using an allen key on the screw right on front of the rear sight. That's pretty far forward considering where the BBs are fed. To fill it with BBs, you'll need to half cock the hammer, pull out the magazine tube from the back, which is wear the real steel cartridges usually go, pull down the lever, down the carbine upside down and you'll find a hole right in front of the trigger. You insert 35 BBs into the hole, push the magazine tube back in, pull the lever back up, pull the hammer back and you're ready to fire!

Having the BBs feed that far forward can only mean the inner barrel is very short at around 200mm. That in combination with it being a spring rifle means that the muzzle velocity isn't that high at only 300 fps. Due to laws and restrictions in Japan, it can't get any higher than that. However, this does not matter as the rifle is both accurate and quiet, so picking off targets as stealthily as possible can't get any easier. Material:
-Metal barrel and receiver
-Wooden fore grip and stock

-300 fps
-Magazine Capacity of 35BBs
-200mm inner barrel
-Spring cocking, lever action repeater.

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