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KTW New Winchester M1873 Carbine

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  • Fully metal body.
  • High quality faux wood.
  • Classic lever action.
  • Comes with two 37 round magazine tubes.

    Length - 960mm
    Weight - 2128g
    Magazine Capacity - 37 Rounds (total capacity is 37+2 rounds)
    Power Source - Spring
    Blowback - NO
    Shooting Modes - Lever action
    Hop-up - Fixed hop-up.
    Magazine Compatibility - KTW tube magazines.
    FPS - 275

    The Review:

    The Model 1873 was one of the most successful Winchester rifles of its day, with Winchester marketing it as "The Gun that Won the West". Still an icon in the modern day, it was manufactured between 1873 and 1923. It was originally chambered for the .44-40 cartridge, which was the first centrefire cartridge and which became immensely popular.

    The KTW version is brought you in stunning faithful reproduction with metal body, barrels, cocking lever, and trigger. The wood on the gun has rich grains and takes away the fact that is faux wood, at a glance it is near indistinguishable.

    The action is the traditional lever action, though a little on the stiff side, it is this way so it can deliver its 275FPS. The rifle also includes two magazine tubes that can be fed under the barrel.

    K.T.W. Co., ltd. Is an airsoft manufacturer based in Japan. Specializing in the creation of detailed airsoft replicas they bring both current and classic guns to the airsoft player or collector world wide. Especially known for their replication of classic guns such as the Mosin Nagant and the Nanbu 96 Machine gun K.T.W. always delivers quality.

    x1 KTW New Winchester M1873 Carbine
    x2 37 Rnd Magazine Tubes.
    x1 Manual.

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