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  • Fully Licensed by Kriss.
  • Made 1:1 exact to the real steel counter part.
  • High quality polymer construction.
  • Most stable FPS in class.
  • Comes with a 102 round magazine.
  • Black and tan two tone design.

    Length - 665mm
    Weight - 1748g
    Magazine Capacity - 102 Rounds
    Power Source - Battery Powered
    Blowback - None
    Shooting Modes - Semi, 2 Rnd Burst, Full Auto
    Hop-up - Adjustable from the breach
    Magazine Compatibility - Krytac Kriss Vector Magazines.
    FPS - 340

    Product Launch Video:

    Technical Overview:

    SMG Showdown:

    The Kriss Vector is a revolutionary and futuristic SMG design that not only managed to deliver an incredibly compact gun but harness the power the chambered fully by designing a new recoil mitigation system called the "Super V". Originally designed to work with 45ACP the system was designed to drive recoil back and downwards instead be straight back. This downward force allowed the gun to shoot exceptionally flat and fast while at the same time taming the, at times, unwieldy 45ACP round.

    While the airsoft version here from Krytac is only an AEG, the engineering is no less impressive. Having so much technology packed into a compact form factor takes lots f work and design. Other than its looks, the Kriss Vector AEG is a very stable shooting gun. Seen form the RWTV SMG Showdown video, it beat out its competition in all aspects pitted against it, most notably in terms of FPS consistency and accuracy.

    Community --- Innovation --- Excellence ---The foundations for which the KRYTAC brand is built upon. The shooting community is expanding every day, with new shooters and new shooting sports rapidly developing. KRYTAC's focus is to cultivate that community with innovative products that lay the foundation of safety, to build shooting skills, and to evolve with the shooter. The KRISS USA's worldwide perspective stimulates innovation in KRYTAC designs to achieve new levels of efficiency, power, ergonomics, and aesthetics in every product. Every process of development is aimed at offering the best possible ownership experience, from beginning to end, KRYTAC strives for excellence.

    x1 102 Rnd Magazine.
    x1 Picatinny rail section.
    x1 Cleaning rod.
    x1 Defiance flip up front sight.
    x1 Defiance rear sight
    x1 Manual.

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