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Double Bell VSR-10 Spring Rifle

12 648.00 
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Double Bell VSR-10 Spring Rifle
1/1 Replica of VSR-10 Spring Powered Airsoft Rifle
Realistic Bolt Action load Pellet on each cock

Full Metal Cocking System
Polymer Body/ Stock (Black) With Non Slip Texture
Metal Upper Receiver
Metal Bolt System With Bolt Handle
Metal Outer Barrel
Metal Trigger & Trigger Guard
Rubber Stock Pad
Built-In quick release ball-joint type bipod receptor allow quick attach/detach of bipod
Polymer Magazine can load 30 rds of 6mm Bullet BB

Adjustable HOP-UP System
Cocking action can be done by either pulling the rear cocking lever
Long Precision Barrel offer superior accuracy at its budgeted price

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Double Bell
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