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Cybergun SIG P226 X-Five CO2 GBB Pistol (Hairline Silver)

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"P226 is the sidearm of U.S. Navy Seals Special Force. When it comes down to accuracy, dependability, ease of use, safety & longevity, P226 is on top of the list. Its exceptional ergonomics and balance make this high capacity full-size pistol easy to fire. Military & Law Enforcement Agencies around the world. A little known fact is that P226 is tested far superior to the Beretta 92F in trail tests by US Military. The 92F was chosen over the P226 for cost reason (and also Beretta's willingness to open manufacturing factory in US sole).

Cybergun SIG P226 X-Five CO2 GBB Pistol (Hairline Silver)
Airsoft Replica of SIG P226 Pistol
Gas Blow Back Pistol with Semi-Automatic Shooting Mode
Extreme smooth slide cycling with clicks & clacks metal sound
Blow Back, Strong Recoil
Realistic construction and field stripping

Full metal Slide & Frame
Engraved "P226" & "SIG SAUER X-FIVE" Marking
125mm Metal Outer Barrel
Metal Front & Rear Sight (Adjustable)
Metal Safety, Slide Release, Hammer & Trigger
20mm Under Rail take tactical laser & flashlight equipment easily
Shoot out 6mm Plastic Pellet
26 Rounds Loading Capacity Magazine
Adjustable BAXS Shooting System
Non-slip Texture On Grip

Dissemble exactly like a real steel (Strip-Down)
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