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APS Smart Shot Set Mini Launcher with Shell, Charger, Wad, Sealing Paper & Belt Loop

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APS have released a complete shot launcher kit with everything you need to get started, except the BB's and gas. This piece of kit will allow you to load a single APS Smart CAM Co2 cartridge into a small launcher which can be mounted onto a Mil-Std 1913 Rail System such as a handgun. You can clear out a small room of enemies with this as it sprays out a blast of BB's from the shell in a small functional package! Constructed out of quality polymer which makes it light yet durable for your games.

Easy to operate with a built in safety switch and features a quick release function with QD mount button. Designed for 6mm BB's only and each shell can support up to 12 BB's, do not try put any other objects in the shell other than 6mm BB's as you may endanger yourself or others around.

Includes CO2 charging tool to charge with CO2 and belt mount to make it easier to carry around.

Items included:
  • 1x Smart Shot Launcher
  • 2x A.P.S. Co2 Cartridge Shell
  • x10 Wad & Sealing Paper
  • 1x Paintball cylinder adapter
  • 1x Belt Loop

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