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A.P.S. CAM 870 MKII SAI Law Enforcement Shotgun (CO2 Shell Eject)

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In this new shotgun, gas is charged directly to the bolt without using firing pin mechanism. With this kind of design, the main firing mechanism is from the gas bolt. Nevertheless, charging gas to the bolt is more easy and handy than the current CAM870 did.

Airsoft Guns powered by Co2
Similar to its our existing CAM870, CAM-MKII Shotgun is powered by Co2. User can simply charge the Co2 from a 88g disposal cylinder using the adapter comes with the packaging. Standard gun comes with 2 shells with maximum capacity of 11 rounds BB per shell. The gun has a single barrel above a tube magazine into which shells are inserted. The most important thing is, you can fire 10 – 12 shells with each full charge and it won’t take you more than 10 second to recharge the bolt.

CAM-MKII provides you a real feel of handling. Because of the cocking action, that are distinguished in the way in which spent shells are extracted and fresh ones are chambered. New shells are chambered by pulling a pump handle or called the fore-end attached to the tube magazine toward the user, then pushing it back into place to chamber the next round. The shell will eject every time you shoot and cock. The ejected shells of course can be re-usable for your next use. Each gun comes with a shell catcher so the user can collect the rejected shells.

No inner barrel design
No inner barrel design allows our shotgun using outer barrel in 17.5mm. Also the use of sabot in Airsoft Guns is rarely found. When the projectile is fired, the sabot blocks the gas, and carries the projectile down the barrel. Once the projectile clears the barrel, the sabot material falls away because of the shock of hitting still air pulls the parts away from the projectile, allowing the projectile to continue in flight. The use of sabot increases shot power and bullet velocity, and increased accuracy due to the velocity and the reduction in deformation of the sabot itself.

Lower cost on the shells
Since the power source and main mechanism are all coming from the gas bolt. The shell itself has no mechanism but a device of storing BB only. The price of the new shell is 40% cheaper than any existing CAM870 shell, which means users will have no concern in buying more extra shells for their game play.

Interchangeable with existing CAM870
Last but not least, this new charging system is interchangeable with all existing CAM870 in the market. That means if you still own our old CAM870, it is optional for you to purchase just the new gas bolt and put it in you CAM870. You can play either cartridge powered 870 or gas bolt powered 870

A.P.S. CAM 870 MKII SAI Law Enforcement Shotgun (CO2 Shell Eject)
1/1 Scale High Performance Assembled CO2 Gas Powered Shotgun
The CO2 gas is charged directly to the bolt
*(The First Generation A.P.S. CAM870 Shotgun Shell Cartridge Can not fit This Shotgun)
*(This MKII Shotgun can fit MKII Shotgun Shell Cartridge Only)

Metal Receiver Body
Metal Outer Barrel & Magazine Extension Tube
Polymer Stock With Grip (Stipple)
Polymer Handguard (Stipple)
Metal Bolt (Titanium Nitride Style Coating)
Fiber Front Sight (Red Fiber Optic)
With 20mm Picatinny Rail on Front Barrel Mount
Able to hold 7+1 Shell Cartridge (Each Cartridge accommodate 11 rounds BB Bullet) (Package Include Two Shell Cartridge)
Each cocking will load up 1 Bullet (Each time can shot 11 round BB Bullet)
Include Catcher Bag, 50x Wad, 50x Sealing Paper

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