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5IVE STAR 5S DAM-IT-UP Bag (Case of 25 Sandbags)

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Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Floods, Sewer leaks, plumbing troubles. . . these are all real issues that face most people. We don't want to think about them happening to us, but they can and most of us are ill equipped to handle the issue of water and waste control. Fb Systems has created the perfect product to aid and attack this issue. Their patented super absorbent polymer SAP500 active ingredient is infused into all their bags to remain compact and lightweight until you need it most. The versatile bag is better and much more useful than a standard sand bag. Since no filling is required, these bags can be easily moved, stored, stacked and positioned in tight spaces. Use these bags as a barrier to protect entry ways, divert moving water, protection around door seals from wind and rain, seal off garage doors and protect plumbing. Roll up a bag and insert into a drain pipe or toilet to protect your home from sewer waste entering through these appliances. Properly positioned RPD Bags (included in the homeowners kit) can provide a barrier across the bottom of a standard (200") two car garage. When you are done with the bags, lay them out flat (for up to 3 days) and watch them dry completely. Once dry they can be recycled. Easy to use, easy to dispose of, without all the mess and weight of fill sand bags.

5IVE STAR 5S DAM-IT-UP Bag (Case of 25 Sandbags)
Super absorbent polymer is inert until activated by water. Create a barrier around your home that will not be used until needed.
Each bag measures 14" x 26". 25 bags total.
Case measures 24" x 36" x 7".
Weighs 21.74 lbs. per case (25 bags).
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5ive Star
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